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End of Year 2019

are a week away from our last event of the season, Museums by Candlelight. Anyone who is looking to attend bu hasn’t RSVP please, let me know by Wed. Also, I sent a separate e-mail about Dean Thews invite to dinner Sat evening Dec 14th.

No sooner are we ending one season we are getting ready to start a new one with our Annual Luncheon Meeting on Sat, January 18th from 11 AM-3 PM at Gettysburg Eddies in Gettysburg. I will be putting out details to everyone in a future e-mail but there is a lot of work being done to prepare for the meeting and the upcoming season. Here are some updates:

First, we are coming up to that time of the year again when dues for the 2020 Season are due. Dues notices will be sent to everyone starting Jan 2nd and dues can either be mailed to Sue Yano or if you are planning on coming to the meeting you can pay them there. I am pleased to announce Dues will remain the same as in Previous years with no increase and with the money we have made this year the insurance fee will be waived for this year. All dues must be received by March 31st. Please, pay your dues promptly.

Second, starting this year we are going to have membership cards. We have been talking about this for years and with the help of Stacey Bennett who created our website she is going to help us with the design and ordering them from Vista Print. Our goal is
to have them available at our Luncheon Meeting.

Third, we are continuing to update our web site. I am pleased, to announce thanks to Kevin Kuhn and his great suggestion we are in the process of adding a period reproduction forms library. This will include: Military Forms, Medical Forms, period stationary and envelopes, bandage labels, medical bottle labels, lint labels, can labels and yes, Union and Confederate money!! We are also adding some reference material
as well. This will be a huge library where you can print items off of and will help our impressions tremendously. Great job Kevin!

We are looking to have our revised draft of our Organizational guidelines to everyone after the 1st of the year for you to review and we vote on them at the meeting. The 2020 Sutler index we will look to have on the site by the meeting along with pictures of Association items with updated prices where you start placing orders.

Our Bibliography list continues to grow as we continue adding book titles to the list. Please, continue to check out the list regularly.

Finally, the final draft of our event calendar is nearly complete to be voted on at our Annual  Meeting. We are waiting for dates from
the Gettysburg Heritage Center and they don’t start working on their Calendar of events until late Jan or Feb at the latest. We will keep you posted.

As you can see this is a lot of work that needs to be done and your help is greatly appreciated. We will also be forwarding to
everyone details on our partnership
with the Museum.

We have accomplished a lot in 2019 and we have a lot to look forward to in 2020. Those of you who are thinking about possibly joining this is the perfect time to
become a member! To you the Association I wish to thank all of you for the hard work you have given this season!

Until next time!