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Confederate Medical Living History Weekend recap

The Confederate Medical Living History Weekend has come and gone and I am very pleased to announce it was a huge success. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of those who attended this weekend: John Evans, Jon Willen, Carolyn Ivanoff, and Sue Yano. Thanks for helping to make this weekend a success.

The amount of visitors we had was good and they asked very good questions. In addition, they stayed a long time to talk to us. Today was even special because we had a bus tour of 50 people that came to the museum which included the Ambassador of China along with the staff from the Chinese Embassy and their families. It was a true honor to be able to talk to some if them and to answer their questions.

We also had a reporter from the Frederick News Post who came to do an article on us. This article will appear in tomorrow’s edition.

Overall, the feedback we have gotten from the museum about what we have done this weekend has been very positive. Many of the visitors who saw us commented to the people at the front desk about much they really enjoyed talking to us. They thought we were very knowledgeable and they really liked the items we have on display. Well done!

This week I will be sending out information regarding the George Spangler Farm Weekend and a change to the weekend of Aug 3rd and 4th. The Gettysburg Heritage Center had offered this weekend to us to do a Living History event in the Conference Room. Again more info coming out this week.

Until next time have a great Memorial Day holiday tomorrow. Let us take a moment to remember all of our veterans who gave their lives in serving our country. Thank You and we will remember you!