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Spangler Descendants Day

Blue & Gray, it makes my day that you will be at Spangler Descendants Day on June 4. Thank you so much!
Here’s what’s going on and why: Last year four descendants of Harriet Spangler visited the farm with me, then the following weekend we had Daniel family members in from Kansas and then the weekend after that we had 20 descendants of Sabina and 20 of their family members. After that I got multiple requests from all three lines to have one big gathering so they could meet, so that’s what we’re doing on June 4. Beniah doesn’t have any descendants today and I’m only expecting a couple of Daniel’s again because of the distance, but we should get a good crowd of Harriet and Sabina family members. I’ve asked them to give me numbers by the end of April.
I’ve attached the sheet that’s being used to spread the word among family members as an fyi for you.
Again, thank you to you and Paul. You were the living historians I was hoping for.
Ron Kirkwood