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Susan Yano

Susan Yano was a nurse who worked in Geriatrics, Orthopedics, Mother-Baby, and at a nursing home before retiring to take care of her family. She later worked for the National Museum of Civil War Medicine at The Pry House where she met Mark Quattrock and Jackie Greer, two of the founding members of the BGHA. She joined the group and now portrays a Civil War Nurse or Lady’s Aide Matron. Susan is currently a Co-Director and on the Board of the Blue & Gray Hospital Association.
While working at the Pry House, she saw a quilt that was given to the Pry Family in 1874 before they left Sharpsburg MD for a new life in Tennessee. She created a reproduction of the quilt and with the help of many volunteers hand stitched the new quilt for the public to enjoy.
Susan enjoys teaching the public about woman’s roles during the Civil War and the innovations of Dr. Jonathan Letterman.