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Dean Thews

DOB: May, 16 post 1861
Membership: Joined March 2012, Blue and Gray Hospital Association duty – Hospital Steward (Chief Steward)
Favorite food at camp: Red meat in a pot with Salt and pepper, and anything else I can find along the way
Food out of camp: Pizza!
Favorite drink: Loose cannon – look it up!
Favorite museum: National Museum of Civil War Medicine
Favorite place: Williamsburg, VA
Favorite person: Tina
Company count: 3 men, two women
Squad count: 3 girls, 2 boys
Rescued Pets: Cat “Lincoln ” and Dog ” Gracie”
Employer: Retired Career/Master Firefighter 25 years, Lifetime Volunteer 40 years
Activities: Church/COB, Gardening, Scouting/BSA, Model trains, Historic places, Civil War books, and coffee
Favorite books/authors: “Confederates in the attic”/Horwitz || “Mosby’s  Rangers”/J.D. Wert || “The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862″/ G. Gallagher || “Turn them out to die like a mule” letters of Steward John N. Henry 49th. NY 1861-65 / J. Priest