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Historical Interpreter Workshop & Updates

Hi everyone:

We are two weeks away from our next event, our Annual Historical Interpreter Workshop on Sat, March 14th, 2020 at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, MD. The time for this is 8 AM-4 PM and the attire is modern 21st Century. We have a great slate of speakers including Carolyn Ivanoff, Doug Shupinski, and our newest member, Ron Kirkwood who, will be presenting on his book on the George Spangler Farm. Registration is on the Museum Web Site along with the schedule for the day. Breakfast and snack items will be provided and there will be time for everyone to be able to go out and grab lunch.

I am pleased to announce we have heard back from the Gettysburg Heritage Center and we have two dates. The first date is Sat, August 22nd and Sunday, August 23rd and the second date is Sat, Sept 12th and Sunday, September 13th. The weekend we were looking at for July I am sorry to report was booked. Set up will be in the museum and not in the Conference Room and we will send out updates as to what impression, Union or Confederate we will be doing for each weekend.

A separate e-mail was sent to all those who do Living History about the Docent Training with the museum. I do also, want to
let you know if you are available during the week the museum is conducting the training for their staff members on Tuesday, April
21st and Thursday, April 23rd and we have been invited to attend, The times are 10 AM-12 PM for both dates and again we only have to attend one session. If any of you are available and this works better for you please, RSVP me and we will get you in.

Finally, Charley Gossard has informed me his Mother is currently in the Hospital in Baltimore and is looking to have an operation to remove an infection in both of her legs and another one from a bed sore. Charley has asked me to pass along this information to all of you and is asking if everyone would keep his Mother in your thoughts and prayers. After the operation, his Mother is looking a 6 week recovery in a rehab center.

Until next time!